What is Counselling?

September 10, 2018

Many people ask me, so what actually is counselling? This reminds me of what I used to think of counselling before I had experienced it for myself. I imagined someone sitting on a chair in front of me, giving me lots of advice, telling me exactly what I needed to do to solve all of my wordly problems. This to me, sounded very appealing, just what I needed, I thought. Shortly after I embarked on my counselling journey, I realised that this was not the case. The person sitting in front of me didn’t offer me any advice. Instead, they sat and they listened, with empathy, to everything I had to say. As I started to talk I realised how much I had needed the release and that I had found a space where I could do this freely without fear of judgement. 


Counselling is not advice giving, and whilst I initially thought this was what I wanted, I soon realised it wasn’t. I didn’t want my counsellor to be somebody who told me what they thought was the best option, or what they would do in my situation. In fact, I think it would have just made me feel worse and compounded the problem. Shortly after I started counselling, I found that exploring what it was that stopped me from moving forward and the difficulties of making the decisions I faced, a lot more helpful. I soon realised that what I needed was help to feel empowered again, to feel able to make decisions for myself, to trust in my own judgement and to believe in myself again.


This is what forms the foundations of my counselling practise today. It is my aim to help my clients find where they got lost along the way and help them rediscover who they are, what motivates them and what they believe in. It is not for me to tell my clients what they should be doing, or how they should be living their lives, but I can help to uncover the person they feel that have lost or who they want to be.


For more information on my counselling practice, please see my website or feel free to get in touch - www.julieannegamecounselling.com









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