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5 Ways in Which Counselling Can Improve Your Mental Well-being

April 7, 2019

More people are starting to talk openly about their own struggles, schools are starting to incorporate education around mental well-being and companies are starting to recognise the impact stress can have on employees. Mental health awareness is starting to increase but how acceptable is it to go to counselling? In many cultures counselling and therapy are an accepted part of every day life. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from having somebody listen with genuine interest and total acceptance, for one dedicated hour every single week.


Counselling can be beneficial in so many ways. Not only can it be used to help with serious mental health issues, it can also help to build self-esteem and facilitate personal growth. Here are my top 5 ways in which counselling can have a positive impact on your life and improve your mental well-being.



You develop more self-awareness


In counselling you get to know yourself, what makes you tick and why, what you truly enjoy, what causes different reactions in you and what you truly need out of life. You learn about the relationships you enjoy, the ones you don’t and you can use all of this knowledge to get the most out of life, in a way that is meaningful for you.




You will begin to value yourself



Once you start to understand yourself in a way you never have before, you learn to appreciate and value yourself. Life events can really knock your confidence and lower your self-esteem. Counselling can help you to build this back up and become more accepting of yourself.


You feel more in control of your own life


Our thoughts can often overtake us and we can start to feel out of control, our anxiety spikes and making everyday decisions can be become difficult. Exploring these thoughts, saying things out loud and putting them in order can help us manage them and regain a sense of control over our own minds and in turn feel able to manage our own lives and surroundings.



Your relationships can become more meaningful


 When you value yourself fully as a person you start to look at others in a different way too. Exploring your relationships, what you get from them, what you give, what you need or want from them can all help with finding more meaning in the relationships you have and the ones you develop.



You learn to live more in the moment


Often, we can get carried away worrying about what might happen in the future or the events of the past. All of these things we have no control over and thinking about things we cannot change, prevents us from being able to live in the here and now and get the most out of the current moment. In counselling we can explore events in the past that may be preventing you moving forward, or refocus your mind and bring you back into the present.



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